Formula 1: Shake Mix 3-pack

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The number 1 meal-replacement shake in the world.* 

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Formula 1 New Generation - new and improved formula!

Nourishing, flavourful and smart nutrition.

All new and improved flavours - gluten free, dairy free and vegan ingredients!


The drink mix is a complete meal replacement for a quick start to weight loss. Contains just 217 kcal. Created with the help of advanced food technology, the shake has a unique mix of ingredients, with easily absorbed high quality soya protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. 

Mix 2 tablespoons of powder in 250 ml milk and enjoy a healthy meal. Replace two meals per day for effective weight loss. Tastes good and is satisfying.

Contains 21 meals / can.


Did you know? 

The new generation of Formula 1 is made of ingredients that are vegan-sourced, natural colours and flavours, gluten free and contains no artificial colours. This upgrade will be seen throughout the Formula 1 range, your same favourite shake – now with an even better formula and flavours!

Key Benefits

Delicious healthy* meal that provides an excellent balance of high quality protein from soy and milk, essential micronutrients and added botanicals and herbs.

• The number 1 meal-replacement shake in the world.** Formula 1 shakes have helped people all across the globe reach their weight-loss goals. Reach
yours today!

• *Underpinned by science: Clinical studies show that substituting one daily meal of an energy restricted diet with a meal replacement contributes to the maintenance of weight after weight loss

• An Formula 1 shake is a convenient healthy alternative to a high-calorie breakfast, lunch or dinner

• Rich in protein from soy and dairy, Formula 1 shakes are a great option if you are looking to build lean muscle mass along with exercise

• Also available Formula 1 Free From - free from lactose, soy and gluten when made according to directions

* 33% share of Global Weight Management Category. Euromonitor 2012.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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